The Fallen Head

The ceremony started and the huge knives were getting sharpened. The goat had a good bath, not knowing what next and got fed well!! The traditional music was rocking the sky and everyone were praying for rain.

The god of rain didn’t shower much and there were scores of death due to the inability to farm with less water. The festival was to thank god and request new favours.. The Goat is now decorated with turmeric powder and garland made of fresh daisies. The black colour of the goat with a thin white line of the back made it look elegant.

The knives were razor sharp, the deemed person was ready for his part in the ceremony. Taking a life out was a herculean task i thought, but the crave of blood didn’t disappear in so many eyes. It’s getting dark, as if it’s going to shower and relieve the pain of so many deaths.

The goat was thinking itself as king of jungle as it got surrounded by hundreds of people to wish him better luck. The copper jug with the holy water was ready and turmeric fragrance was swallowing the breath. The Goat got its hunch and felt something is not right.

The water fell on Goat’s head from the copper jug and from the Sky. There was a loud cry from all the people and the head flew and hit the naked earth. The white line turned red and there was a last wink from the goat’s head .

All went happy thinking they made the god happy! The god started crying with a shower of rain and swept the sins of the

The thought of the above came to my head again and again – when i was having the first piece of the fallen goat!



மலர்களின் மௌனமே
தமிழ் மொழி பேசுமோ ?

மலர்களின் மொழிதனில்
தமிழும் தான் மௌனமோ ?

நான் இங்கு வந்ததற்க்கு

நான் இங்கு வந்ததற்க்கு

காரணம் என்னவென்று

தேடித்தேடியே அலைந்து கொண்டிருக்க…

தேட தேட விடை தானாய் வருமோ !

தேடாமலே போவது தான் சுகமோ?