Note to my Son

Dear Son,

Welcome to this world.

Life in this world is very easy when you listen to your inner words than others. Take this life and live it simple. Simplicity clears most of our problems.

Do not hesitate to realize your dreams. When I was young, i wanted to learn a musical instrument & learn yoga. Since my parents were first generation graduates in the family tree, they believed all these extracurricular activities would interfere my studies. I studied well and got a great job. Now I have all it takes to realize the dreams, but not INTEREST. Before you lose interest, realize your dreams.

Education is required to make you literate. Knowledge can only be gained if you perceive and reason well.

Money is not everything. It’s just a tool we use like the widgets in these blogs.

Travel a lot. Traveling gives you more knowledge and learning’s than text books.

See me as your mentor & friend.

Do Good to others, if you can!  It doesn’t makes any difference if you don’t do good, but if  you do.. It gives a heavenly satisfaction.

I can list more… but it would be boring for you….

Have a nice life!


ChickHen – Sex Education

I was 6 years old.

My Grandma was preparing the eggs, laid by my country hen for hatching. She kept the eggs on a basket full of mud and top layer covered with husk. I was not aware that it would take 20+ days to hatch and was keenly watching the basket for the egg to hatch. Laughing at my ignorance on this, my grandma told that it would take 20 days & asked me to wait until that!

After 20 days when the eggs hatched, I was convinced on the subject how chick came out of the egg. Even though I did not understand how it went in. To solve the doubt I went to my mom and asked

How children are born?

I got the standard answer what parents give. “God will give to every married lady!” Mom replied.

“How will god know who is getting married“, I asked.

I got a tight slap from her. Crying and confused I left the place.

I am now not sure, how I would educate my kid if he/she asks the same at that age. Is Sex education required at that age?

Found Money

I woke up late, so had to rush to catch the office cab. I missed the cab & was forced to return home and take my new motor bike. Reluctantly, started the bike and left to office. Within 500 meter of travel, I found a 100 Rupee bill on the road. The greedy mind grabbed it & turned and saw for any witnesses. Ensuring zero witness, I left the place. Evening the new bike was refueled with the 100 Rupee.

The Next day my cousin took the bike and met with an accident. The total repair bill after insurance came to 5000 Rupees. I couldn’t digest or relate these two incidents.

Two years after that, today I found two 100 rupee bills in Central Railway station. Remembering the prior incident, I did not like to take any chance and searched for pauper. Found one old lady in her 80’s and gave the bills to her. She was highly confused on why would someone give her 200 Rupees.

She wished me…which I don’t deserve… for it was not my money.

Kerala Auto

Year 1996:

I and my friends are in Trivandrum – Kerala for School trip. We hired an auto to travel to the nearest scout camp. I am unsure of the minimum fare in the auto meter, but I clearly remembered the increments in fare. It happens in multiples of 20 paisa.

While the trip ended, the meter flashed 9.80 Rupees. We gave Ten rupee & were amazed to get a 20 paisa in return!

P.S. If you are a reader from US or UK, it doesn’t make sense to you where you receive changes at the lowest denominations.

Year 2005:

We were heading to Alleppey Railway Junction to catch the Alleppey – Chennai express.  We got down in Alleppey bus stand and headed towards the auto stand to take an auto. The Auto driver showed his hand towards   bus stand and asked us to take bus service which would cost only 3 rupees, than his auto which would cost 30 rupee!  – Very Fair & Honest Person!

It may be two different incidents and we cannot conclude anything about the Auto drivers in general. But, we got a chance to witness fairer practice.


Year 2008 mid – Global Economic crisis worsens & makes most of the banks and financial institutions to bankrupt. All companies are in severe mood to reduce cost. Pink slips were highly common.

Daily, people used to go to their company having no answer to the question – Whether their name would be on the payroll from next day. It’s the same with most software companies which took a long step in recruiting many people without any need and now cutting cost by cutting them off the employee list.

Expecting the worst, I was silently sitting in a remote cubicle. Prior day I witnessed 100 people removed from my office for the reason of cost cutting & not Non-Performance.

I passed the Friday, no layoffs that week. I was in disturbed state & the normal happy weekends seemed a heavy task to be completed.

Out of nowhere my family arranged a trip  to OOTY (Hill station in Tamilnadu). The Nature was a bit soothing and De-stressing me. The botanical garden was so cool & the maintenance was so amazing. The artificially made Elephants, Umbrella & few more Objects with the PLANTS were of great attraction.

Suddenly something came before my eyes. The gardener was trimming the unnecessary plant growth which was de figuring the Elephant, Umbrella shapes. Some part of the plant was laid-off.

Some layoffs are common for everything to be in good shape.

Lip to Lip

My Friend was returning from a second show cinema & was stopped for verification & DUI(driving under influence) check by two cops.

Junior Cop examines my friend by the following method.

1) Have you drunk?  [Who the hell on earth would accept if they are drunk!!!? forgive the cop…he is a junior]

2) Say your name

3) Whose Vehicle is this?

4) Say your vehicle number

5) Is the cinema ticket yours or you grabbed it road side

Then he brought his nose so close my friend’s mouth and asked my friend to blow out air. From distance one would definitely image two guys in French kiss!!! What a LIP TO LIP …….!!!

The senior then repeated the above set of questions & for his chance he kept his head closer to my friend’s face. Second time a LIP TO LIP. Two cops on one guy,  to decide whether he is drunk or not.

Finally they confirmed he is not drunk after receiving a 100 rupee note.


In my Village…

In my Village during any special occasions, festivals or functions all my family members gather to enjoy those moments. During that time, not all of us can get separate bedrooms as we do in our home. The hall would be converted to multiple bedrooms. The Kids would be getting the safest corners in the room & the elderly people take position near to front door. For people like me, we have to sneak into some available places. Even though the last three days I did not sleep in my bed, I had a sound sleep in this kind of Village Hall-Bedrooms.


Now in my office in Bangalore….

My Manager calls me and asks about status of a huge migration work due on the weekend.

“It’s all set Boss” I replied.

I can’t resist scratching my head due to an itch and found out LICE. It MIGRATED from one of the person in my village to my head due to the Hall- Bedroom sharing. Slowly Ii got more itches and it tallied out to 6 LICE.

Migration continued in my home!