God of Silence

God of Silence:

Silence…. Most spoken language in the entire UNIVERSE.

When I was in my school days, I felt some thing weird happening to me at times.

The same thing happened to many of my friends.

That is ————————Silence————————

Its 5 minutes for the “Strict” Chemistry class & people are yelling and playing in the class room. We all were happy  about the forth coming long Diwali vacation (An INDIAN festival).

We all anticipated our teacher to come into class room at any time.

And at that instant a long PIN DROP DEAD SILENCE came into everyone. No one talked or even took a breath. I have never understood why this silence occupied everyone at the same time.

A possible reason from a philosophical point of view is that, GOD at times shows his/her presence like this. According to Hindus,  being thoughtless is the existence of god. Thoughtlessness comes when we are silent, or focused on something. Let’s take silence in this case. So silence indirectly is showing that god is with us….

Silence is God.


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