God of Trees

God of Trees:

Its 4000 BC, the trees were able to speak to each other. Their conversing capability made them to share their thoughts to fellow trees. Even human knew that trees can talk. Since wood was a primitive commodity for human development, they were forced to cut them listening to the cries of trees. Seeing fellow tree die for human growth, all trees decided not to fall off when an attempt was made to cut it down. But their resistance gave the human an ego to fight back which led to deforestation. So the trees asked for justice to God of trees.

God of Trees replied:

“Every living being has its own purpose to come to earth and they are obliged to serve the purpose. Soon all (tree) of you would understand why you were born. Please do not cry when you are cut down. I will give you the power to over come pain. Also I would propose to God of Human to revoke their power to hear the talking of trees.”

Soon human never heard the cries of Trees & thought that their prayer to God of Trees to remove pain of trees has come true.

After 500 years came the first master piece of the wood “The Paper”.


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