Waist Line

Every Human being has ‘Complex’. Some inferior – some Superior. This is an incident about my Inferiority complex  being nullified by a person. This Person is around 50+ but so youth full in thoughts.

We had a rendezvous in his house, to discuss about my tax plans. I arrived his home in my old bicycle.

“You came in bicycle….. That’s good, you are doing exercise”. He said

” Ah, I want to buy a motor bike, soon would buy it, I feel very bad still roaming in Cycle at the age 26”. I replied.

“Oh, that is not bad; I went to meet my Client in cycle till 35″  He replied.

Contemplating those words,  I understood it’s all how we take, what I saw as inferior  was looked by him as exercise.Yes I was doing exercise in mind now.

Soon after the incident though, I bought a motor bike & never touched Bi cycle for years… When the incident happened, my waist line was 30…now 34…. That answers…


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