Poor Rain

It’s 4:00am. Am waiting for one of the connecting buses to remote village in South Tamilnadu.

An old lady aged about 85 touched my hand. Her shabby look frightened me a second; but regaining my posture I asked her how can I help.

Her hand movements, her dress and her looks clearly explained me the scenario that she is looking for money. Even though I should have not asked why she is begging at the age of 85 (definitely it would hurt someone whose kids abandoned them).. I asked her……

She replied…. Because of RAIN.

Seeing my bewildered face, she continued …. “I own 4 acres of land and me and my son used to grow Rice, This year there was not even a single drop of rain which left me with no food. Ideally my son should work, but he is also 65 and he can’t do any physical work “

I did not like to question her more, gave denominations less than 10 rupee and left the place thinking of the euphoric life which I lead. I AM BLESSED with this kind and style of life.


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