Lip to Lip

My Friend was returning from a second show cinema & was stopped for verification & DUI(driving under influence) check by two cops.

Junior Cop examines my friend by the following method.

1) Have you drunk?  [Who the hell on earth would accept if they are drunk!!!? forgive the cop…he is a junior]

2) Say your name

3) Whose Vehicle is this?

4) Say your vehicle number

5) Is the cinema ticket yours or you grabbed it road side

Then he brought his nose so close my friend’s mouth and asked my friend to blow out air. From distance one would definitely image two guys in French kiss!!! What a LIP TO LIP …….!!!

The senior then repeated the above set of questions & for his chance he kept his head closer to my friend’s face. Second time a LIP TO LIP. Two cops on one guy,  to decide whether he is drunk or not.

Finally they confirmed he is not drunk after receiving a 100 rupee note.


3 thoughts on “Lip to Lip

  1. I would rather tell, the 100 bucks is for d policeman’s hospital treatment on receiving the kisses !!!!!!!!! At least here i can save the police’s respect 🙂 !!

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