In my Village…

In my Village during any special occasions, festivals or functions all my family members gather to enjoy those moments. During that time, not all of us can get separate bedrooms as we do in our home. The hall would be converted to multiple bedrooms. The Kids would be getting the safest corners in the room & the elderly people take position near to front door. For people like me, we have to sneak into some available places. Even though the last three days I did not sleep in my bed, I had a sound sleep in this kind of Village Hall-Bedrooms.


Now in my office in Bangalore….

My Manager calls me and asks about status of a huge migration work due on the weekend.

“It’s all set Boss” I replied.

I can’t resist scratching my head due to an itch and found out LICE. It MIGRATED from one of the person in my village to my head due to the Hall- Bedroom sharing. Slowly Ii got more itches and it tallied out to 6 LICE.

Migration continued in my home!


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