Found Money

I woke up late, so had to rush to catch the office cab. I missed the cab & was forced to return home and take my new motor bike. Reluctantly, started the bike and left to office. Within 500 meter of travel, I found a 100 Rupee bill on the road. The greedy mind grabbed it & turned and saw for any witnesses. Ensuring zero witness, I left the place. Evening the new bike was refueled with the 100 Rupee.

The Next day my cousin took the bike and met with an accident. The total repair bill after insurance came to 5000 Rupees. I couldn’t digest or relate these two incidents.

Two years after that, today I found two 100 rupee bills in Central Railway station. Remembering the prior incident, I did not like to take any chance and searched for pauper. Found one old lady in her 80’s and gave the bills to her. She was highly confused on why would someone give her 200 Rupees.

She wished me…which I don’t deserve… for it was not my money.


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