Kerala Auto

Year 1996:

I and my friends are in Trivandrum – Kerala for School trip. We hired an auto to travel to the nearest scout camp. I am unsure of the minimum fare in the auto meter, but I clearly remembered the increments in fare. It happens in multiples of 20 paisa.

While the trip ended, the meter flashed 9.80 Rupees. We gave Ten rupee & were amazed to get a 20 paisa in return!

P.S. If you are a reader from US or UK, it doesn’t make sense to you where you receive changes at the lowest denominations.

Year 2005:

We were heading to Alleppey Railway Junction to catch the Alleppey – Chennai express.  We got down in Alleppey bus stand and headed towards the auto stand to take an auto. The Auto driver showed his hand towards   bus stand and asked us to take bus service which would cost only 3 rupees, than his auto which would cost 30 rupee!  – Very Fair & Honest Person!

It may be two different incidents and we cannot conclude anything about the Auto drivers in general. But, we got a chance to witness fairer practice.


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