Year 2008 mid – Global Economic crisis worsens & makes most of the banks and financial institutions to bankrupt. All companies are in severe mood to reduce cost. Pink slips were highly common.

Daily, people used to go to their company having no answer to the question – Whether their name would be on the payroll from next day. It’s the same with most software companies which took a long step in recruiting many people without any need and now cutting cost by cutting them off the employee list.

Expecting the worst, I was silently sitting in a remote cubicle. Prior day I witnessed 100 people removed from my office for the reason of cost cutting & not Non-Performance.

I passed the Friday, no layoffs that week. I was in disturbed state & the normal happy weekends seemed a heavy task to be completed.

Out of nowhere my family arranged a trip  to OOTY (Hill station in Tamilnadu). The Nature was a bit soothing and De-stressing me. The botanical garden was so cool & the maintenance was so amazing. The artificially made Elephants, Umbrella & few more Objects with the PLANTS were of great attraction.

Suddenly something came before my eyes. The gardener was trimming the unnecessary plant growth which was de figuring the Elephant, Umbrella shapes. Some part of the plant was laid-off.

Some layoffs are common for everything to be in good shape.


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