Note to my Son

Dear Son,

Welcome to this world.

Life in this world is very easy when you listen to your inner words than others. Take this life and live it simple. Simplicity clears most of our problems.

Do not hesitate to realize your dreams. When I was young, i wanted to learn a musical instrument & learn yoga. Since my parents were first generation graduates in the family tree, they believed all these extracurricular activities would interfere my studies. I studied well and got a great job. Now I have all it takes to realize the dreams, but not INTEREST. Before you lose interest, realize your dreams.

Education is required to make you literate. Knowledge can only be gained if you perceive and reason well.

Money is not everything. It’s just a tool we use like the widgets in these blogs.

Travel a lot. Traveling gives you more knowledge and learning’s than text books.

See me as your mentor & friend.

Do Good to others, if you can!  It doesn’t makes any difference if you don’t do good, but if  you do.. It gives a heavenly satisfaction.

I can list more… but it would be boring for you….

Have a nice life!


6 thoughts on “Note to my Son

  1. i hope and wish you to create and mould a great sculpture out of your kid and be his helping hand until he needs you!!

  2. Fantastic Nirmal.. I found this the best amongst all and there is truth in every line of it. :):)
    Keep going. Good luck to you.

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