Re-winding my life to 1988

I remember using the telephone when I was in 3rd standard. There were only 6 digits (Madras number). It was considered as the most posh possession after television.

The sky colored phone coughs the classic TRING TRING… I used to run to the phone, just to say a hello.

Any call is charged as SINGLE call. Until the line is disconnected, it’s charged as single call. And am not sure, how many free calls were there, but there were a lot.

There were STD calls called as TRUNK calls. Today’s generation would not even know this. The trunk call is booked on priorities like Normal, Urgent & Lightning. I was very happy to connect to my grandpa in my village. He also got a phone connection and the number is just 2 digits.

1996 – 1998: The phone was majorly used for my educational purpose. Don’t be confused, I used to call my friends, chit chat & when mom sees, act as if discussing curricular subjects & when she is off, discussing the obvious.

1999:  I purchased two Application forms costing 10 Rupees each for new phone connection. Normally a new connection gets approved after 3 years of the application!

2002 till now: The revolution of communication industry has equipped every person to have a mobile device.

The first phone is still with us and serving the purpose of BROADBAND INTERNET services


One thought on “Telephone

  1. ha ha!! i remember those days,where i used to go to my neighbors shop just to hold the receiver and say HELLO without even connecting the call.

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