The Five Rice Grains

Hinduism strongly believes & propagates that every rice grain grown in the world is predestined to its feeder. The eaters name would be on the grain. The feeder may be any animal or bird.

The greenish paddy is slowly turning into gold brown color. The harvest time is nearby and the farmers are very happy for god’s grace. The biggest thanks giving festival ‘MAHARA SANKRANTHI’ is nearing and all people are very excited for its arrival. The new rice would be used for the festival feast.

During the harvest, Five Grains get to know the Hinduism story about the Feeder name on the grain.

The five grains discover Earth, Bird, Human, Cow & nameless respectively as their names in their body.

After the reaping, when straw was removed from grain, FOUR ended up in storage. The fifth one couldn’t make up because it fell down during the travel from the land to the Storage. Its name was Earth. It became the mother of many other grains in the future harvests.

For threshing, the grains were dried in sun. There the rice named BIRD was consumed by a bird.

The grains named HUMAN & COW ended up in the plate of human. The human ate the good meal and left the remaining in for cow. Apparently, the grain named COW ended in cows’ food.

The nameless grain became sad because, it felt it was not worthy & it did not have any purpose to serve in the world.

God made her/his presence before the nameless grain & explained, “I never have name, because everything you name is me.  I’m nameless & you are going to serve me soon “.

The nameless grain was convinced why it was born.


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