The cat I brought home was named as Whisky for its whiskers were very cute. Since it was less than 15 days old, I had to take care of her on feeding milk. I was baffled on how to feed the cat and went straight to the Pharmacy.

‘Hi, Can you get me a nipple’ I asked.

‘What’s the age of the kid” asked the pharmacist

“She is 15 days old. She is a Cat”, I told.

She laughed at me and gave me a nipple.

My budget did not allow me to buy a feeding bottle. I managed to get one from next door aunt who had a grandson recently.

Now it was time to feed the Cat. I added little bit of sugar to the skimmed milk and brought down the preparation to room temperature. The milk was poured into the Feeding bottle & Nipple was attached to it.

I took the cat in my hand & kept the feeding bottle in her mouth. She slowly licked my hand rather than the feeding bottle. Also with its small sharp teeth started nibbling my thumb. May be she was feeling it as her mother’s nipple. I cuddled her.

Later I saw the cat drinking milk from a plate. As my mother told, if the cat is hungry — she would drink it from anywhere.


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