September 28th 2006 –

Today is my Friend’s last working day in office. I had mixed feelings of good & bad. Good because he is going to get better career. I would end up having my lunch alone was the bad part.

I planned to go to his home in the evening.

I got down from the office bus & started crossing the road via Zebra crossing.  I was shocked to see a puppy rambling in middle of the road. People in their Car / Bike and Heavy vehicles had a disregard for its LIFE.

I couldn’t control my emotion, so I ran into middle of the road and waved hand to the oncoming traffic to stop it. I do not know how all of them obeyed, but i rescued the puppy. I carried it in my hands and nested it towards my chest.

A small boy ran into the situation and asked for the puppy. He thanked me. I thanked god for giving this opportunity & felt very high. I had some foul smell from my shirt.

Ah… the puppy left all the remains of its fully digested lunch in my shirt

My Friend laughed at me…. I didn’t hear his laugh… My entire mind was in the prior happenings.


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