Jaded Dress Faded Heart

Year 1997 – My Age 17 years

I took one of the best dresses from my closet. Indeed it had very less new items. Pressed/Ironed it perfectly & Started to my friend’s home.

When I pushed the calling bell, I was invited with a big smile by his mom. Their family was already in upper class and had all the pleasures of life, which they thought as pleasure.

I asked for him, and she replied that he was sleeping. She asked me to wait and went inside his bedroom to wake him up. After giving me a glass of water she told “While coming to our house, come in good dress, your dress seems too shabby”.

I felt very insulted, embarrassed and was about to leave the place. My friend appeared before us and I had to act as if I acknowledge her.

The faded dress made a faded heart that day… Today the incident got retrieved from my faded memory.


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