Sweet Lie

Year 1986 – My age 6 years

For daily expenditure, I used to get 25 paise (quarter of a rupee). I got 50 paise for me and my brother. I got advised to buy something for my brother. While leaving from the school, I bought 2 small cakes. Quickly ate mine and pocketed my brother’s share.

Normally, after returning from school, I used to sleep for an hour. As usual I was lying down and got ready to sleep, but the taste of the cake did not allow me to sleep.

My Brother’s share of the cake was kept in the upper shelf  & it awaited my brother’s help to complete its life.

I slowly climbed the shelf confirming that everyone where asleep. Took a bite and came back to bed and acted as sleeping. I couldn’t resist the taste. Again shelf climbing happened.

In the evening, my mom took the cake and found almost 60% was gone. She called me and asked where is it, for which she knew the answer…but wanted to hear from my mouth.

“Ant would have eaten it” I replied.

A pinch in the lower thigh confirmed she understood my lie


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