My Friend was going to United States on long-term assignment. He was involved in a complete shopping spree. On a Saturday evening, he requested me to accompany him in shopping.

We went to Globus- a leading retailer of ready-made goods & he was picking up jacket, some sweat shirts, Thermal wears, socks, belts and loaded his bag completely.

While we were about to bill the goods, he said that he forgot to buy inner wears. I asked him to grab and come soon, but he forced me to come to the inner wear section. I was no way interested to know his hip or shoulder size.

He asked the guy in the counter to get him all dark-colored inner. I did not understand the logic behind this and asked him why not light colors?

He casually said “We cannot see the grime in dark colors”.

He did not answer my question “Why would he use the inner for more than a day & why would it be visible to others “


One thought on “Innerwear

  1. Good to see you writing. To be real honest, it is quite interesting to read your blogs than to write one!

    Keep up the writing and hoping to see many more appealing ones!

    Your first fan,

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