After joining the IT industry, it was my first appraisal. Hearing about my promotion I felt really happy. Promotions came to many of my friends who worked for other companies, except one guy. Knowing about all of our promotions, he felt a little bad about it.

We had a get together in his home and he was showing his new laptop which company gave him to make him work off hours. His perception of receiving the laptop was hard work.

We were exploring his new gadget and he suddenly grabbed the laptop and opened Outlook mail box. He happily showed us a mail, which read


Dear Sir,

I am pleased to inform the industry standards here. As per the currently prevailing trend, I should be promoted this year. May be since you are working as project manager, you may not be aware of the market trends. To explain industry standards am giving few example below

<<< A list of our friends’ name, company & experience was given>>>

P.S. For getting Promotion one does not need any talent. Only he/she should ask their manager & know a bit of market trends.



We all were shocked to see how his mind was inhibited.


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