Appearance Alters

I know this girl for long time. She lives in my community and I know her parents too. Her parents know me by face. Whenever we meet in temple or any public place, we don’t talk or say hi!

She is of my age. We are mates in math’s tuition.  She looks very cute. When compared to her parents she out performs them in beauty.

But because of the professional life (is it true?)  And other commitments, I lost track of few friends and she is one among them.

Recently I met her in railway station. She had a small girl who was holding her hand and walking. A baby boy couched in her arms was asleep. Recognizing me, she smiled.  I was fighting hard with my memory to recall her old looks. I recognized her then, but all her gorgeous looks, the cute smile & her beauty have gone. She looked a bit hefty.

She introduced her baby girl to me & the girl looked very cute as she looked at my math’s tuition. We had a chat for 10 minutes until the train came & then we bid adieu.

I got a question now….why beautiful looking girl’s mom is not always beautiful?

Appearance Alter itself due to Stress?


One thought on “Appearance Alters

  1. I feel the beautiful looking gal might also look like her mom,
    when she would be of her mom’s age.

    i felt this bcoz, i used to see those beautiful gals with their moms and suddenly this question arises.will she also look like her mom in the future??

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