Raksha Bandhan

Year 1998

Raksha Bandhan, the festival celebrated in India by all girls to show their love & affection to their brothers. The festival is also commonly used by girls as a weapon to snub the guys; who flirts or attempts for a date.

This is about one of my friend who became victim. Forever he was avoided by the girl, because he gives a damn nasty smile. She heard through grapevine, that my friend loved her.

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, she called my friend & asked for few minutes of his time. Not realizing the death trap, he was extremely happy & responded to her call.

During lunch, they both met in the last bench. She slowly moved her arms & touched his arms. He was feeling heavenly & closed his eyes, as if she was about to deliver 1000 kisses.

After few moments, my friend opened his eyes & to his dismay he saw his arm having a beautiful Rakhi smiling at him.

He became Brother in Law for all of our class mates 🙂


One thought on “Raksha Bandhan

  1. hahaaha!!!
    People find numerous excuses to escape this day.
    when i was in my class10,to the luck of all the boys in the class the day of raksha bandhan came on Sunday .

    Our happiness didn’t last long enough,one of the lecturer announced a special class on that day and even threatened the boys that guys who would not attend the class would be failed in the exams.

    So the day of misery had come and we were expecting a class.but that lecturer delivered a blah blah blah speech on some topic and class finished in minutes,immediately the gals were ready with their weapons(the rakhis).

    A few guys who felt that they had intense/divine love for their gals(or should i say who had better instincts than the rest of us ) escaped immediately knowing the situation.unfortunately for rest of us the doors were locked.

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