Song Dedication

Year 2000

I was listening to Rainbow FM 107.1. The show has two parts. First hour is full of dial-ins where people can dedicate songs to their loved ones & the second half is full of the stations scheduled songs.

I was persistently calling the station and today I got very luck to connect to the FM Show host.

The host asked many standard questions. Since it was the first time for me on AIR, I was very nervous in answering. After the question session, he asked me about my dedications.

The dedication part was the much awaited one from my end; I just recited what was in my memory.  I dedicated a love song to one of my friend.  I am not sure whether I had a crush, but I dedicated the song only to her. The age of mine did not allow me to think what is love, crush or infatuation. I enjoyed the song with her in mind.

The Sunday evening, I joined all my friends for our usual cricket matches. After the match we normally have a chatting session. One guy disclosed my dedication to all the others & everyone were teasing me for my act.

I felt embarrassed. Till now, people tease me remembering the incident

We both are now happily married. She married her husband. I married my wife.


2 thoughts on “Song Dedication

  1. wow!!
    happily married ! She married her husband. I married my wife.

    sorry to say wow but thats the same situation with me
    except that she’s happily married and i’m not yet !

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