Give & Get

I was riding my new bike Honda – Unicorn.   My brother was pillion rider and I was riding it in the congested streets of Tnagar – Chennai.

The Smell of tobacco suddenly swirled my nose.  The water washed vehicle doom was now fully soused by tobacco remains. The mind easily identified the sinner in a fraction. It was the prior bike rider, who spit it.

There was no point in chasing him. To vent my anger I used unparliamentary language. He heard the word and abruptly stopped his bike and questioned me why I used such language. I wanted to justify my act, but hearing that he accidentally spit, I repented for the word..

I left the place answering him that I used the word accidentally too.

My normal riding rhythm got altered by the incident. I accelerated much and at a pedestrian crossing, I wanted to pass the people who were waiting to cross the road.

I got forced to use my disc brakes, to bring the vehicle stationary. The people are already half way past in the road.

I heard the exact word which I used some time before, coming to me from a eunuch. Also the eunuch yelled at me “Go slow”.

I went slowly in mind.


3 thoughts on “Give & Get

  1. I had learned this after having ample accidents.
    “Never let emotions drive you ,while you are driving”
    But as humans we are emotional, we cant help it.

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