Year 1998

My friend was awake very late in the night revising for his forth coming 12th exams. The group study’ plan was perfectly  happening. The group was chatting about their plans after 12th grade, their class love stories & about the weekend plans.

Suddenly my friend heard sound of the saw from the next house, which was not occupied for some time. He felt very cold & the chilliness gripped his entire body. Slowly others in the group started hearing the sound & felt the same.

All of them thought it was thief. Lacking the courage to take further action they called the cops. When the cops arrived, my friend’s adrenaline got pumped up and they jumped across the barbed wired fence.

The sound was coming from the back side of the house. The cops & my friends slowly moved to the backside of the house. The cat which scratched the woods now winked at them.


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