I approached an agent for getting my marriage registered. I approached  the agent for two reason. One is – Work getting done in government offices is a bit hectic. The other is – Time reason. I had to travel back to my work place to resume my duties.

The agent responded me with a set of document list & asked me 1500 Indian rupees. I did some Google before approaching him. The website said the fee was 5 rupee & the penalty & number of copies would not make it more than 100 Rupees.

When I asked him why 1500, he said he had to give to everyone in the office. But I told him that am doing something legal. I just need to register my marriage. He casually exclaimed, go directly &  see how many days it take.

I approached the Sub- Registrar office. The woman there asked me to wait outside for 30 minutes. She got confused on which form be filed for me, whether a Hindu marriage act or the Tamilnadu act(which is common for all religion).

She used my cellphone to dial her friend & to get things clarified. She did talk  for 5 minutes about the Vigilance raid, her new Saree  & at the end of the call, she understood which form be prescribed to me.

At 2:30pm – I, my wife & 3 witnesses went for the registration. All went well with a fee of 130 rupee.

While I was about to leave,  she showed me her calculator which read a 500. She also insisted that everything would be done smoothly. Also she called one guy and asked him to collect a 100 from me for his Tea expenses.

I won’t let you know whether I gave them the money. But, I got my marriage registered 🙂


Patience – Virtue

The late night was very dark & it was getting chill. I got a punch in my nose. Bang on target. Before regaining my composure, I got another slap. Before me asking why he is doing like that, a stamp on tummy left me in agonizing pain.

I yelled; which made him laugh loud. He grabbed my chest hair and removed few. Oh it was hell. Finally he spit on my face and grinned at  me. That’s the worst treatment ever I’ve got in life.

My 8 month old son was testing my patience. Patience is always virtue.

Death Sentence

Capital punishment is in debate for a very long time. In India, we do not have a strong decision made yet.

One side contends that, it’s highly inhumane to award death penalty for the convicted. The other side indicates from the victim’s point of view, that the penalty satisfies the victim’s family.

Earning the capital punishment, the convict has the rights to appeal in High court. On a plea rejection, can approach the Supreme Court. On second rejection their only option is to approach the President’s office for their fate to get decided. Their fate is already decided by their actions.

Are we still barbarians to take life for life?

Why the Nib which wrote the sentence, got the death penalty? It did not even get chance for an appeal. Death penalty for the NIB must get abolished.

Shampoo Well

Year 2000

My friend had an unusual habit of having a head bath after a jerk. He proudly narrated this to everyone in our friend’s loop. We felt awkward about his narration, though we did not bother.

As per his invitation, 3 of us ended up in his home about 1pm for a small get together. He made us comfortable in one of the room and took leave to complete some work.  We got unattended for almost 45 minutes.

I knocked the door of his Elder Brother’s room, to understand where my friend was. He replied that, he was taking bath.

When my friend met us after some time, I asked him why he took bath at that time, instead of a morning one.

His brother replied that these days he takes too much of head bath at odd hours. Also my friend emptied the new 400 ml shampoo bottle in less than 15 days.

His brother did not understand the reason for our laughter burst.

6 Balls 13 Runs

Year 2006

We were on a run chase for qualifying for the finals. We were chasing 73 runs in 10 overs and we managed to make 61 in 9 Overs. This tournament happened once in a year and only one team won all the earlier tournaments.

The fastest, fittest & the best of the bowlers would always bowl the last over. It did not differ in this case. Our team got named the under dogs. We somehow managed to come to semifinals.

We were already 8 down. I was on strike.

9.1 (First ball)          I managed to chop it over the bowlers head and got a two!

9.2 (Second ball)    Similar length delivery & similar shot fetched a two more!

9.3 (Third ball)       The bowler was cautious, but made the same mistake of good length. I got a couple in long-on.

9.4 (Fourth ball)   My predetermined shot fetched me a couple more in long-on.

9.5 (Fifth ball)         Some how the ball decided to hit my bat and went in long off.  Couple more!

Now we needed only 3 runs from 1 ball.

This time the bowler was too cautious & determined. He bowled a short pitch delivery which I missed to hit. I felt dejected for couple of second, because of the fact we lost the game.

But then the team shouted run, its byes, the keeper missed it too.  I got a 3 run in Byes. What a victory!

The victory raised our confidence to a greater level. We lost in the finals chasing a mere 45 in 10 overs, all out for 38.