Tummy Pain

Year 2003

Incapable of bearing my tummy pain, I went for diagnosis. The Ultra sound report revealed a possible ailment with the Kidney. I was under medication for couple of week which did not solve the problem.

The medical report had a disclaimer, which read that the report might not personify 100% true. It’s upon the patient’s interest to contact another diagnosis center for further analysis.

I went to my native & my grandma took me to the family doctor. Ultra sound scan exercise got done. The  doctor confirmed that I did not have any kind of ailment. But he was unsure about the tummy pain. Three tablets for 2 days was prescribed.the tablets did not solve the purpose.

Hearing there was no ailment I felt better. But the pain was unwilling to leave. By now the pain almost existed for 2 & half months.

Festivals are  to relieve our pain. For the upcoming  festival, I bought a nice Raymond trouser cloth.

I went to the famous tailor for whom I was a regular customer. Normally he doesn’t takes any measurements for existing customers. He refers his old documents & tailors it that way.

Today, some how he felt that he needs to re-measure. He was measuring the length,breadth & height. He answered that I need to increase my hip size by 2 inches or would get severe tummy pain, if I wear the pants that tight!


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