First Hair Cut

Year 2007

I went to the nearby Great Clips (salon) to trim my hair. After being to US, it was my first hair cut. Guys who travel on on-site assignments, save money and do hair cut once in 3 months.

The Saloon took my phone number for customer setup.  I went with 2 more guys. They were already known by great clips. So they directly went for the cut.

After my user setup, I waited for 10 minutes for my chance. A beautiful young woman uttered my name loudly. As if in school I raised my hand & she pointed at a seat. I got very happy. I never had a hair cut done by a woman. The other two guys got attended by old women . God gave me a double bumper.

I made myself comfortable in the seat & she asked me a 2 or 3. Though I did not understand what she meant, I acted as if I know the meaning and told a 2. She trimmed my back head & re-confirmed whether it’s a 2. Her fragrance had already occupied me. I did ask her to continue.

After the cut, I understood what she meant by 2 or 3. That’s the depth of the hair be left in head. I looked very disastrous.  My Friends who were waiting for me, laughed out loud seeing my head.

Who knows, they were happy to see me as their own first hair cut.


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