Year 2007

Three of us shared an apartment in the US. Our Grocery shopping goes in a cycle; at the end of the month we tally the accounts.

This week it was my turn to buy the Grocery. I had a list of what be bought.  Buying the Indian product in US was a different kind of experience. I searched for the specific brand of rice, the noodles, the pickle & ready to eat items. I had a clean shave and tight T-Shirt. I looked like teenager.

I was in the billing counter. I received a call from one of my roommate. He asked for his favorite brand cigarette. It was not very difficult to find it, as it always hangs in the billing counter.

I asked for a pack of it & the person in the counter questioned me for my ID. He surprised me by saying that they sell cigarettes only for age above 18. I did not understand why my country did not have a policy like that?

Well I was way over than 18 🙂


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