6 Balls 13 Runs

Year 2006

We were on a run chase for qualifying for the finals. We were chasing 73 runs in 10 overs and we managed to make 61 in 9 Overs. This tournament happened once in a year and only one team won all the earlier tournaments.

The fastest, fittest & the best of the bowlers would always bowl the last over. It did not differ in this case. Our team got named the under dogs. We somehow managed to come to semifinals.

We were already 8 down. I was on strike.

9.1 (First ball)          I managed to chop it over the bowlers head and got a two!

9.2 (Second ball)    Similar length delivery & similar shot fetched a two more!

9.3 (Third ball)       The bowler was cautious, but made the same mistake of good length. I got a couple in long-on.

9.4 (Fourth ball)   My predetermined shot fetched me a couple more in long-on.

9.5 (Fifth ball)         Some how the ball decided to hit my bat and went in long off.  Couple more!

Now we needed only 3 runs from 1 ball.

This time the bowler was too cautious & determined. He bowled a short pitch delivery which I missed to hit. I felt dejected for couple of second, because of the fact we lost the game.

But then the team shouted run, its byes, the keeper missed it too.  I got a 3 run in Byes. What a victory!

The victory raised our confidence to a greater level. We lost in the finals chasing a mere 45 in 10 overs, all out for 38.


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