Shampoo Well

Year 2000

My friend had an unusual habit of having a head bath after a jerk. He proudly narrated this to everyone in our friend’s loop. We felt awkward about his narration, though we did not bother.

As per his invitation, 3 of us ended up in his home about 1pm for a small get together. He made us comfortable in one of the room and took leave to complete some work.  We got unattended for almost 45 minutes.

I knocked the door of his Elder Brother’s room, to understand where my friend was. He replied that, he was taking bath.

When my friend met us after some time, I asked him why he took bath at that time, instead of a morning one.

His brother replied that these days he takes too much of head bath at odd hours. Also my friend emptied the new 400 ml shampoo bottle in less than 15 days.

His brother did not understand the reason for our laughter burst.


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