I approached an agent for getting my marriage registered. I approached  the agent for two reason. One is – Work getting done in government offices is a bit hectic. The other is – Time reason. I had to travel back to my work place to resume my duties.

The agent responded me with a set of document list & asked me 1500 Indian rupees. I did some Google before approaching him. The website said the fee was 5 rupee & the penalty & number of copies would not make it more than 100 Rupees.

When I asked him why 1500, he said he had to give to everyone in the office. But I told him that am doing something legal. I just need to register my marriage. He casually exclaimed, go directly &  see how many days it take.

I approached the Sub- Registrar office. The woman there asked me to wait outside for 30 minutes. She got confused on which form be filed for me, whether a Hindu marriage act or the Tamilnadu act(which is common for all religion).

She used my cellphone to dial her friend & to get things clarified. She did talk  for 5 minutes about the Vigilance raid, her new Saree  & at the end of the call, she understood which form be prescribed to me.

At 2:30pm – I, my wife & 3 witnesses went for the registration. All went well with a fee of 130 rupee.

While I was about to leave,  she showed me her calculator which read a 500. She also insisted that everything would be done smoothly. Also she called one guy and asked him to collect a 100 from me for his Tea expenses.

I won’t let you know whether I gave them the money. But, I got my marriage registered 🙂


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