It was raining very heavily. I got into a bus & found it deserted. I had a shower bath experience in the old government bus. The roof of the bus spit the rain water which it harvested.

Since it became too cold, I had to wear my sweaters. The conductor wiped out a three seat and asked me to shift there if I need to avoid the shower.

I wondered why a conductor would help me like this. I shifted to the seat which the conductor pointed. After some time, he arrived from his allotted seat at the back of the bus and sat next to me. He began a conversation and started talking about cinema.

Since I had to kill some time, I too answered him reluctantly. After 5 minutes, his hands were crawling in my thigh. I got really shocked and scolded him. He left the seat and never came to the front side of the bus.

This is alarming; there is not safety for male passengers too. The conductor did not have a clean conduct.


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