Year 2000

When I left 12 class, I felt very bad of losing friends. After my 12th class, I never got in touch with many people. The Slam books were comfortably sleeping in the closet & were not revisited for couple of years.

The Saturday Morning, I woke up early. I had nothing to do creatively or usefully. I cleaned up my bed, washed the clothes & did some assignments.

Even then, my balance was 12 hours before my dinner. I opened the closet & took the slam book.

Reading friends view about oneself is always fun.The signature read a telephone number against her name.  I called the number & she answered. She told that her dad was in home and asked me to call in the evening.

Not understanding why she told that, I tried to call her in evening. A male voice attended. Should be her dad. He queried who I was. I told that am his daughters school time friend.

He harassed me over phone for the call. He barked at me. He asked me why I never called during school days & suddenly calling now. Irritated by his silly logic,his words & Feeling my pride being insulted, I hung up. The beautiful Saturday evening turned into turmoil.

After a week, she called me back. She apologized for her father’s act. Her apologies never convinced me though.

Year 2008

Heard from a mutual friend that her father expired. All my grudge on him expired too.


One thought on “Grudge

  1. Welcome, you belong to the same clan of who misses the opputunities and never regrets or even realise you missed one !!!

    Im referring to the “Not understanding why she told that, I tried to call her in evening”

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