Thin Rubber

My Ex-Colleague narrated an incident which happened in his college days. Since it was last year & last week in college, all the Leather technology batch guys decided to have get together in hostel on Sunday afternoon.

Day Scholars started arriving at 11:00am and everyone were having fun. My friend who got overdosed by alcohol the earlier evening, had a very bad hang over.

When youth are high-spirited, they are prone to make mistakes. The guys bought super thin condoms & substituted it for Balloon. The hostel rooms were decorated with the condom balloons.

My friend took a condom to the toilet. He did not do anything for what it  might be intended. He tied the condom to the tap & opened the tap for water to fill in. The water  was slowly rushing into the latex bag.Water was filling in drop by drop and the condom was in its stress test.

The guys were roaring in joy, thinking & talking about their forth coming life. The  life after college would always be rough than they think.

The hostel warden got irritated by the noise & rushed to their room to warn them. But, he got bribed with a Full bottle Whisky.

At about 3pm, the Warden puked and he hurried to the toilet to clean up the mess. The condom was holding almost a bucket of water and burst out losing its threshold.

The warden ran out for his life thinking of a bomb blast. The guys successfully completed their project on Latex testing.


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