My Office has a small recreation room. The facility comprises of  a Chess board, a Table Tennis  board & a gym.

The recreation room normally gets crowded from 11am. Most of them always play Table Tennis. Since I do not know to play TT, I started learning it. Because I’ve gone past my childhood, I had some presumption on my learning ability.

I believed that it was a tough job to play Table tennis. Indeed it turned out to be a tough job, when the best players were mocking at me. These best players mock at everyone who were just starting to learn.

I did not understand why they behaved that way & their attitude sucked.

Recently I shifted myself to play Chess rather than TT.  Since only one Chess board was there, it got more attention from many players. These players  deemed themselves as best players under the shelter of some really good players. Unfortunately these players turned out to be managers too.

Whenever I go to play chess, there will be a crowd around the chess board asking the 2 players to move the move which they have in mind.

The recreation room always turned out to be a menace room. All my life  I’ve seen best performers being modest. But, here I always get pissed off by the attitude the best players have. They always wanted to show off.

They spoil the mood, the game and their respect. Today I plan to quit the recreation room & those guys.


6 thoughts on “ReCreation

  1. If you are interested in chess play in online so even one game you can play for more than a day or week, if other player don’t have issue. 🙂

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