Year 1997

Today my punctuality to school got tested  by a cycle puncture. It was Holi, So I have to buy the color powder too. Got punished for coming late – by standing outside the school gate for almost 30 minutes.

But the forth coming enjoyment about Holi  shadowed the embarrassment. The normal class hours ran so quickly. Through out the day, i was planning on whom should I play Holi.

I made a list of girls & boys. The girls were taking up the top 15 positions. Guys were at the lowest end of the list & got the last priority.

It was 3:45pm and last period of Physics class was over. Everyone ran out of the class. They started playing Holi inside the class room.

To avoid any suspensions from school, I opted to go to cycle stand. When i went there,   I understood that i was very late. My list of 15 girls were already in full colors.

Also I saw a senior playing Holi with my class girl. It never seemed playing like holi than Molestation. The girl was also smiling and allowed him to touch all over her.

I was searching one of the remaining 14 to play holi.


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