Toilet Stories

Fear of catching up a contagious disease from the government’s well-maintained public toilets, I often control my urge to use them.

However, nature beats human control and forced me to use them many times in trains & fewer occasion in bus stops.

What I have observed

In the Doors

1) Enumerable Lyricists, who can easily find a job in B grade *wood movies.

2) Telephone directories carrying only female numbers, given there for cleaning off some vengeance.

3) Many artists who match the pictures resembling the sculptures and art work of Khajuraho.

In the toilet.

1) Saw a Tea vendor going into toilet with the TEA can. I stopped taking Tea in train from then on.

2) Alcohol Bottles. Children & Ladies mostly get annoyed by this.

3) In International Airport Mumbai, I have seen two foot prints on the toilet seat. Probably the persons did not know how to use the western toilet.

4) Condoms!. Huh, unable to think what had happened.

5) Instead of using their butt, they use the cigarette and leave the buts.

List continues…


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