Email message from my Friend:

During a casual chat with one of my friend today, I discussed about getting an Apple IPAD as an alternative to any other laptop and suddenly it came to my mind about contributing something to the less fortunate people around us instead of dumping so much money into a gadget which will be of no use in years to come.

He gave me a suggestion to give to UNICEF, India and he took efforts of calling the staff in New Delhi about the types of contributions that one can do to enhance the life of the less privileged. He also introduced me to the relief agency website and we both made our contributions towards a noble cause.

Just thought of sharing it with you guys and one thing I would like to emphasize here is that I am not promoting UNICEF or any other relief agency but would like to relish the pleasure we had in giving with you all.

PS: We have also decided not to give/ask for treats in the future. Trust this will be a real big respite for others!

A reply from another friend:

Good one. I really appreciate the idea of not dumping money into electronic gadgets and also donating to a noble cause, though not necessarily in the same order.

Not only giving or getting treats but also the amount of food we waste(d) is quite ridiculous. Dumping fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator and finally throwing it unused has almost become a trend because of greedy buyers and superfluous supermarkets.

Can’t something be done at an individual level to avoid this so that food prices don’t go beyond the reach of less privileged?


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