March 2010

The Bangalore climate during summer always behaved well until last year. This year, if you come to Bangalore or hear from someone, they would obviously say, they hate this summer.

The early morning was very hot. I took a cold water bath and was getting ready to office. My son woke up and gave a look at me. It means please take me in your arms.  He wanted to couch in my arms.

I have to charge my mobile battery to take up a scheduled On-shore call. I just plugged in the mobile in to charger and took him in my arms.

My son shifted his attention to the blinking green light of the mobile phone. I carried him in my arms. He couched very well and was eyeing the mobile phone.

I used toys to distract him and to make him see my face. He attended the toys a second, but went back to the green light. I showed him cookies & his saliva made the bib very wet. He altered his views from the Mobile to cookie. But he soon returned to the mobile phone. His eyes got transfixed to the mobile phone.

I had to leave to office. I boarded the cab & it was very hot. The sun was very acute. It doesn’t sweat here much. But the skin gets kind of stretched.

My thoughts went back to what my son did. Even though I attempted to distract him many times, he did not move his eye from the phone.

How many times in our life we get distracted from our goals? Do we really have some goals? How come children’s are able to focus on one thing that gives them satisfaction? Today’s dose of Life’s lesson came from my son.


One thought on “Focus

  1. I would like to tell something, Children do not have any assumption in their mind. Their heart and mind goes on real matters, but we adults have bunch of assumption in every direction. so its easy for us to get distracted from our goals.

    When we do believe in real, we do not get distracted.

    Ellam Maayai 🙂

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