Happy Scouting

Year   1994
Place  Hogenakkal

I was in my standard 8th. I was an active member of Scouting. This year, we went to Hogenakkal for our annual camp. The camp area looked so good & like a forest. The heat of the place, dehydrated my body quickly. I had to take up lemon juice or water continuously. Otherwise, I would end up burning my genitals.

The place we slept and the toilets got separated by a 250 meter stretch. I was the only scout running to toilet quite often & got teased for the same.

At 11 am one morning,

I went to take bath. The boys & girls side got separated just by a coconut leaf thatch.Yeah you guessed it right, the one used for roofing in village sides. I went in boy’s side & got stricken by horror.

My senior’s were peeping through the Coconut leaf thatch seeing the girl’s bathroom. One of my batch mate was guarding outside. He did not stop me while I entered the bathroom area. All he did was giggling & waiting for his chance to peep.

I got threatened by my seniors. I had to keep my mouth shut or else they all would beat me up. I left the place helpless.

Do I really need to say that the person who guarded outside is one of the best scouts of my state?

Happy Scouting…


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