Friday Songs

Year 1998

It’s Friday and was rushing to home From Physics/Chemistry tuition –  in my MTB Rock shock cycle. I love to watch the ஒலியும் ஒளியும் Tamil song program in Doordarshan(now called the Podhigai).My home did not have a satellite TV . So this is the only song package which I get for an entire week.

On Fridays the Physics/Chemistry tuition seems a bit heavy for my mind.  This particular program was very famous until the satellite TV & DTH came into India.

There was a friend of mine who always accompanies girls as body guards. He never looked like a body-guard. He always thinks that he is a savior for all girls.

While returning from tuition, he did not give way for my overtake. He just blocked my path & was teasing me. The girls were showing as if they were happy by his actions.

My plea to get way got ignored many times. I got pissed off. Also, I had less than 10 minutes to reach home and the program starts in 10 minutes. I just some how sneaked a small gap and cut down his path. I heard a huge cry sound. Darn, he got thrown off the cycle and was sliding the road.

When I turned back & saw him, his shirt & trouser looked like rags.  I did not have much time to attend him. Heard from the girls that they attended him & helped him to reach home.

I went home and found that there was no power supply.


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