Lab Technician

My Cousin was taking up his lab technician course. He narrated the following incident.

The Theory class is always dull & practical class is always fun. The teacher uses the class students as subjects.  Blood, Urine or any samples would be take from the students. So there is no need to roam here & there to get samples. The Students also found this as a best way to find out blood group or get their urine tested.

One day, the teacher asked a guy to bring Stool. Specification were that he should excrete in the early morning and bring some sample.

It was 10am.

After regular classes, she inquired whether the guy had brought some stool sample. He open his bag and took out a  1/2 kg Horlicks bottle filled completely with Stool.

He did not pass the practical exams for his stupid act. He is now a senior lab technician in one of the leading private hospitals in Chennai.


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