Bangalore BMTC Bus

Year 2010

If you have travelled in Bangalore BMTC bus, you would experience some thing very different. This kind of experience you probably would have not faced in entire south India.

The conductors behave the worst when it comes to morality. Not all the conductors, but mostly. The minimum fare ticket of rupees 3 is never given to the public. The conductor takes 2 or 3 rupee for a 5 rupee journey.

All these money goes directly into their pocket. These people think that this is also a kind of entrepreneurship.  Government spends money on Diesel & these conductors fill their pocket instead of the BMTC accounts.

I am seeing this for the past 2.5 years & I do not think that BMTC management cares much on it. They somehow want to gain profit & raise the fare without any base.

People, who travel for small distances, easily capitalize this opportunity. No ticket checkers & no one to question.

Long live BMTC!


2 thoughts on “Bangalore BMTC Bus

  1. Dear friend,

    I understand your frustration towards corruption. But had I been in that place I would have done two things. I ensure that I carry the required denomination for my travel and would have demanded the ticket from the bus conductor. By doing this I would have stopped first level corruption and most importantly, I will be exercising my duty by being more responsible.

  2. I demanded a 5 rupee ticket and the conductor said “Sir adjust Maadi”.. And he disappeared into the back side of the bus, while i travelled to back side in the full rush, my stop came and had to get down!

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