Blood group – Mind group

My Sister recently came out of college in flying colors. She is not my biological sister, but my friend’s sister is logically my sister. Her dreams to make into the Silicon Valley industry of India came true.

She joined one the major IT firm in India. Her training went well & she anticipated to land up in a good team. True, even an extremely talented person should get recognized by her/his manager to succeed.

She is known for her soft skills. She is so friendly & natural. When I go to her house, she makes me feel at my home. After two months of her IT industry experience, she was narrating her experience with her team mates.

She complemented her team-mate about her appearance & she got an acute reply of “I am not your appraiser”.  Hearing this, my sister felt very insulted.

How dumb my sister’s colleague was! Actually it also proves two things about her colleague. One is the inferiority complex her colleague posses about her appearance & the other is, that her colleague does cajoling work to her manager to get appraised well.

My Sister also explained, that people travelling with her in bus {during her commute to office} behaves totally different from what they are in office. They wear the experienced guy/girl dress & act as diplomatic & professional, but they actually end up as stupid clown / buffoon.

This industry really had inhibited many people’s heart. They are not capable of taking a positive compliment from a colleague. Not sure how these guys would take the comments on the appraisal sessions.

Later after this incident,

She met the same person in a blood donation camp. For the sake of asking, her colleague asked the blood group of my sister and told her blood group as B+.

My sister, after a thought understood that these people are only positive in their blood groups and not in attitude. She decided to ignore these negative group of people in her life.

She is happy!.


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