The throat infection made me to visit my family doctor and he gave 3 injections be taken on alternate days. When I went for the last day injection, the hospital was severely crowded & had to wait for my turn.

The front desk woman sent two people for injection at a time. I got clubbed with a 10-year-old boy & her mom was cajoling him, because he was afraid of the injection.

Once I & the kid was in the doctor’s room, the doctor completed his check up for the boy & asked him to lie on the bed with butt facing the sky. Before doctor gave the injection, the kid started crying.

That’s where I got a chance to play the role of an adult. I told the boy, that the injection would not pain, it would feel like an ant bite.

Without a second of gap, doctor replied to the kid, Oh boy this adult, but he cried until he was 17! The kid laughed like anything & the doctor managed his injection without making the guy cry.

When the kid left the room, he turned back, saw my face clearly & laughed once more. Like the AXN most amazing Videos, I have a something like “most embarrassing moment’s” list. Truly this incident is on the top 10.

While I came out of the hospital, the kid caught me again from the pharmacy and laughed! I wanted some private space to hide my face 😦

I got sight of a Rig drilling the earth for Bore well. Mother earth got injected & her tears would make the people happy.


Resignation Letter

I am resigning from the position Software engineer effective today. Reasons as listed below.

I am unable to work with mentally challenged people like my managers & project leaders like you.

I am severely suffering from financial constraints & the 3 % hike you gave doesn’t satisfy my telephone bill too. Also I have a lover from last month, whose telephone bill also fell into my head. That comes to around 14% of my salary, which is the least hike I expected this year.

I have the same feelings like you. You always allocate the seats next to you, to all beautiful girls & Allocate the less than average girls to my cubicle, which is making me too sick.

I do not like to waste 6 hours of meeting in a 40 hour week for various status reports. The meetings often makes me remember of my Girl friend asking me status report about my roaming in weekend.

The onshore opportunity you promised never arrived to my plate. By dreams only, I have visited 10 different countries, you have promised & gave only 4 transfers of the total 5 locations you have here. If I work for this company or you, I do not think I would work onshore & understand business(Actually it is not for understanding business, but for the money).

I also strongly assume that, if a different company is willing to offer me a 70% hike for my skill set & a designation change & for the same work, why would I stay here?. Even though it’s the same shit, I will eat it for a higher pay.

I thank you and the organization for considering me be relieved on date as per my appointment order, which would give you good credits & I Might refer you as my manager in the new company.

By the way, if you are still trying to negotiate with me for making me stay here, you are the Shameless creäture in the entire team & the world.


Disclaimer: This work is of pure fiction. Any resemblance to real life characters, is a mere coincidence.

Family Head

யாருங்க குடும்ப தலைவி?

ஒரு குடும்பத்த முன் நின்று நடத்துபவர்களா? இல்லை குடும்பம் முன்னேரனும் ‘னு எப்போதும் அயராது உழச்சு கொட்டுறவங்களா?
இல்லை, காலை ‘ல 5:00 மணிக்கு எழுந்து, வாசல் தெளிச்சு கோலம் போட்டு, பில்டர் காபிய கம கம னு குடுக்கிறவங்களா?

கணவனே இல்லாம குடும்பத்த முன் நிறுத்தி கொண்டு போறங்களே அவுங்களா? கணவனை டம்மி பீஸ் ஆ உபயோகம் பண்றவங்களா?

ஏன்டா… இவன் இப்டி பல கேள்விய கேட்டு கொடுமை பண்றான் னு யோசிக்காதீங்க…

உண்மையான குடும்ப தலைவி னு என்னைய உணர வைக்கிறது
பொம்மீஸ் நைட்டீஸ்
னு தேவயாணி TV Ad’s கொடுமை பண்றாளே, அத விட இது ஒன்னும் பெரிய கொடுமை இல்லை.

இப்ப சொல்லுங்க யாருங்க உண்மையான குடும்ப தலைவி!

Is this Love?

Love is a very hard feeling to explain. It is very easy to experience than be explained. The common feelings which I had & felt for some one, where I did not understand whether it was love or infatuation!

—-Assume the following verses is one way conversation from me to her —-

I miss you, when you were absent for a day…

I try to reach your land line phone many times & confirm that you are okay!

I touch your signature 100 times, on the card you gave to me…

I have altered many of my likings per your likings…

I feel very happy when the book I gave, resides in your lap & I reside in the foot board of the bus.

I keep waiting for you for a long time in the bus stand to  take your connecting bus. People called me punctual you know! They do not know what makes a person so punctual.

I bought a rose for you, but felt very awkward to give to you..

When we used to talk over phone for hours asking “Then.. what else”, Without any subject in phone for hours with you, gave me a peaceful mind…

When I was awaiting for your phone call on my birthday for the entire day, you were the last one to call in the evening & the last time you called me!

Do you feel the same what I felt ? I do not know… But am trying to hide behind friendship, just not to lose you…


First Love… Lives till our last day.

தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

சென்ற வருடம்,
கருப்பு வருடம்…

தமிழ் ஈழ மக்களின்,
விரோதியான வருடம்…

உண்மைத் தமிழனை,
உருக்கிய வருடம்…

பழைய முடிவுகள், புதிய தொடக்கங்களை  தருமென எண்ணிக்கொண்டு… உரக்கக் கூவுவோம்
“இது போன்ற வருடமொன்று வேண்டாமென!”

வேண்டிக்கொள்வோம், இன்னுமொரு விரோதி வருடம் வேண்டாமென!

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Husk & Rice

My Grandfather runs a Rice Mill. In his rice mill, they get the paddy… remove the husk and charge a nominal amount for the milling process. The rice owner can opt to sell the husk to the mill owner.

Normally, the farmers bring truck load or a small cart load of rice in gunny bags. So it always sounded a profitable business for him. Recently when I visited his mill, I got shocked to see that there were no one there & he was idle in the cash counter.When i questioned what happened to his mill business, he unraveled few things.

After the government announced 1Kg rice for a 1 rupee, farmers are not willing much to involve in agriculture. Also the rain did not help farmers as it did 20 years before. So now all the farmers are going for daily labour work, which fetches them 300 rupees average.

While we were discussing this, A guy came with a small bag of  paddy. After my Grandpa’s completed the account with the guy,he  told me that his business faced a 3 rupee potential loss with that transaction. His milling fee was 15 Rupees & the farmer sold out the 6 kg husk costing 18 rupee. If no one buys the husk from my grandfather, it might be a 3 rupee potential loss.

In village,they use husk to feed cattle. Now they opt to feed it with rice which is 66 percent cheaper from the government.

Husk is 3 Rupee per Kg & Rice is 1 Rupee per Kg!

P.S. All the rupees mentioned in this post are Indian rupees.

Excuse Me!

Year 2004

I borrowed my Friend’s Motor Bike & went to Anna Salai Chennai. I had to buy a shoe from Khadims & had to buy a Philips Iron box. After buying all the items, I was returning home. The Sun was ripping the skin & I had to switch back lanes to hide behind the Metropolitan bus shadow.

In Chennai Anna Salai, the Auto & motor Cycles has to take the right most of the lanes. My bad time I was in the left most lane & the Traffic Cop stopped me along with another guy.

As usual, he started to the other guy… Do you have driving license, does the vehicle has RC, Insurance & pollution certificates.  After verifying those, he came to me.

Before him asking me anything, I asked in ENGLISH… Excuse me Sir…Can you please tell me the route to T.Nagar. I asked this question as if I do not know the way.

He replied,

Sir, go to right lane Sir…Straight Sir…Devar Statue in Nandanam Sir…Right Cutting … T.Nagar Sir.

I thanked him. Thanked god and took off to home.

While I forced myself on the right lane to avoid any further violations, my mind was thinking, why in Tamilnadu we do not respect people who talk Tamil. Do we really give respect to Dhothi (not the politician border Dhothi).

The Police let me go because he felt very happy to talk in ENGLISH. Situation was created for him to feel happy & important.

Year 2010

Even after 62 years of Independence from the British, We still are slaves to the language they left. The language itself is a major positive for India to grow financially. On the other hand, the language by itself is a major drawback for us – which had slowed down our growth rate.

Long Live English!

Long Long Live Tamil!