Continental Connection

Year 1990

My First love with computer & Gadgets was in 1990 . The computer was in our home. That was purely for my Father’s business purpose.

I really did not understand anything on computers at that time, apart from knowing it as a machine which does many calculations & computations. I also thought that it might replace all humans some day.

The DOS Machine had a 5 1/4″ floppy disk. Booting a computer is not as easy as just powering on the machine, as we do today. For fresh booting every time, the floppy is mandatory. I remember playing games from my floppy disk.

The TVS Printer with a 132 character facility was a kind of great machine for me. I used the help of the data entry operator in my home to get my name printed on paper & boast about it in my school days.

The Specification manual read, Hard disk as 10 Megabytes. No wonder a non-graphic user interface would store a lot of data with 10 Megabyte. In today’s scenario, 10MB is 2 songs or 4 pictures of high quality.

The Fax modem was 10 kbps. At that time internet was not there for public usage, though was in military. My father used to get data from all over the world through his facsimile(fax).

My Uncle once exclaimed, people would soon enter the fax machine from one continent and end up here in this continent.

Year 2009

I am working in the computer field now. I have a clot of clients from US. One of them while replying to a Christmas card gave the words

“Not too many years ago, I would never have expected that I would be working on a daily basis with folks on another continent.  I see it as a chance for personal growth as well as professional, and hope we can continue this in the new year.”

True, with the current technological growth ratewho knows our future generations might be doing business with Aliens.


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