The  black color skin of this cat made her look very beautiful. In fact it’s not the color of skin, but the color of the hair.

She came next to the coconut tree at the back of my house & dug a small pit. She then turned both sides and checked out for any witnesses. She found me and left the place. I did not want to disturb her routine & left to watch the IPL afternoon matches.

After some time, I went to the back side of my house to switch off the motor. I  found the same cat. This time the cat did not see me. She dug a small pit,  did her “Nature Calls” activities & closed the pit.

The best part was, she ensured that none of the solid excretory products were visible to anyone’s eyes. She left the place. God some how built this kind of mannerism in Cat.


Humans here, do it in public & do not bother or have concern for the passerby. They cannot be always blamed 100%. It’s also the non availability or the limited number of public toilets. The State of art maintenance also is a major reason – to drive away the like-minded people who have some concerns for the environment.

Did I say, how I managed myself on the long drive of 400km with the public toilets


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