Is this Love?

Love is a very hard feeling to explain. It is very easy to experience than be explained. The common feelings which I had & felt for some one, where I did not understand whether it was love or infatuation!

—-Assume the following verses is one way conversation from me to her —-

I miss you, when you were absent for a day…

I try to reach your land line phone many times & confirm that you are okay!

I touch your signature 100 times, on the card you gave to me…

I have altered many of my likings per your likings…

I feel very happy when the book I gave, resides in your lap & I reside in the foot board of the bus.

I keep waiting for you for a long time in the bus stand to  take your connecting bus. People called me punctual you know! They do not know what makes a person so punctual.

I bought a rose for you, but felt very awkward to give to you..

When we used to talk over phone for hours asking “Then.. what else”, Without any subject in phone for hours with you, gave me a peaceful mind…

When I was awaiting for your phone call on my birthday for the entire day, you were the last one to call in the evening & the last time you called me!

Do you feel the same what I felt ? I do not know… But am trying to hide behind friendship, just not to lose you…


First Love… Lives till our last day.


23 thoughts on “Is this Love?

  1. Wow !Great feelings of love……
    Did your wife read this? I think she must be happy after reading this? Right?
    Coolll!!!! Great one.

  2. Hey!!!!
    Gr8 Job…….Nice thought………This proves tht love is a feeling which you cannot hide and you can’t escape from whatever the situation may be.

  3. Absolutely right machi…

    like Thalaivar said,

    first love is a thorn in ur heart & it remains till u die …Movie..Basha!!!

    well said and rightly written!!!

  4. Love is a universal feeling. The ONLY difference i felt is “It is perceived by people in their defined boundaries”. Ultimately its the same 🙂

  5. Thats an awesome one Nirmal!
    Love is not just about getting that person in your life,
    Sometimes its about letting them go- for any reason! 🙂

  6. Actually, I appreciate about the comments left by different personalities. I know everyone has their own share of experiences to narrate but I would commend you on bringing it forward!

    Cheers and keep up the good work!

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