Resignation Letter

I am resigning from the position Software engineer effective today. Reasons as listed below.

I am unable to work with mentally challenged people like my managers & project leaders like you.

I am severely suffering from financial constraints & the 3 % hike you gave doesn’t satisfy my telephone bill too. Also I have a lover from last month, whose telephone bill also fell into my head. That comes to around 14% of my salary, which is the least hike I expected this year.

I have the same feelings like you. You always allocate the seats next to you, to all beautiful girls & Allocate the less than average girls to my cubicle, which is making me too sick.

I do not like to waste 6 hours of meeting in a 40 hour week for various status reports. The meetings often makes me remember of my Girl friend asking me status report about my roaming in weekend.

The onshore opportunity you promised never arrived to my plate. By dreams only, I have visited 10 different countries, you have promised & gave only 4 transfers of the total 5 locations you have here. If I work for this company or you, I do not think I would work onshore & understand business(Actually it is not for understanding business, but for the money).

I also strongly assume that, if a different company is willing to offer me a 70% hike for my skill set & a designation change & for the same work, why would I stay here?. Even though it’s the same shit, I will eat it for a higher pay.

I thank you and the organization for considering me be relieved on date as per my appointment order, which would give you good credits & I Might refer you as my manager in the new company.

By the way, if you are still trying to negotiate with me for making me stay here, you are the Shameless creäture in the entire team & the world.


Disclaimer: This work is of pure fiction. Any resemblance to real life characters, is a mere coincidence.


10 thoughts on “Resignation Letter

  1. Congratulations dude!

    if its not relevant, good that atleast ur able to show ur face through this medium to ur manager!

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